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Cleveland History Days - 10 days and 30 Ways to Experience Cleveland's History

Cleveland’s history is America’s history. Predicted for greatness by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. A city founded on the shores of Lake Erie. Shaped by a crooked Cuyahoga River that defined its identity and grew its wealth. A wealth fueled by the many immigrant groups that settled here. It is a city that emerged from the Gilded Age as a leader in policy and programs, building not only a great city but a greater civilization. This same river would catch fire on a hot summer day in June of 1969. It became a poster child of a national movement to save the environment. Today, industrial freighters share a clean Cuyahoga River with wildlife and recreational watercraft. Cleveland is writing a new chapter in its comeback story. Visit Cleveland History Days and explore a downtown of restored architectural wonders and a transforming river valley.

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Susan Glaser's Plain Dealer article: Inaugural Cleveland History Days, coming in June, celebrates city's rich past