Nalu Santa Paddle Delivers Christmas Cheer to Suffering Browns Fans

The mood of long suffering Browns fans was brightened before Sunday's Cincinnati Bengals game when Nalu Standup Paddle & Surf's posse delivered some Christmas cheer during their paddle along Cleveland's Lake Erie coastline. Fifteen paddlers braved 20 degree temps and blowing snow during their 2nd annual Santa Paddle around North Coast Harbor.

As Nalu's owner Bill Cochrane described the paddle "The whole idea is to have fun and give folks walking to the stadium a laugh - they can start to laugh at us and then they can continue to laugh at the Browns". "We imagine the Coast Guard was surprised to see us out there" said Cochrane "and we're all about safety: everyone had a wetsuit under their costumes, a personal flotation device, a board leash". Nalu's group also has a buddy system to ensure nobody gets left behind.

Cochrane added "We're grateful to Jon Stahl at Lean Dog for the ultimate launch dock. It was really nice to have a warm place to come back to after the paddle." With the 2nd annual Santa Paddle in the books, Cochrane hopes more paddlers join their group for next year's paddle - that hopefully will be followed by a Browns win (last year's inaugural Santa Paddle was the last time the Browns won a game).

The Santa Paddle in 2 Minutes