Cleveland's Waterfront View

Followers of our motion on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and Share the River's website have seen our attempts to shine a spotlight on Cleveland's Theater of the Waterfront. In photography parlance the Cuyahoga River is a target rich environment with a riot of bridges, railways, raw materials and miscellaneous infrastructure coupled with a vibrant mix of stakeholders ranging from heavy industry to recreation.

The lower portion of the Cuyahoga River Flats are well known to the casual visitor and local. And that audience is about to get a lot larger as businesses on the East and West Bank of the Flats enter their first full season of Cleveland's rebooted waterfront franchise (see Eric Sandy's article in this week's Cleveland Scene: "Summer's Here. And There's Never Been A Better Time to Embrace the Waterfront). But there's another facet of this working river that intrigues us to no end - the ebb and flow of raw materials that are converted into the building blocks of our local and regional economy.

As we've wandered the banks of the Cuyahoga River (and yes, the bridges spanning it) we've shared images that we hoped would tell the evolving story of a historic river's comeback and we're pleased our growing audience has connected with that motion. Some even kindly suggested "You should have a photography show!" We deferred on such an initiative until a recent serendipitous conversation with Brick & Barrel Brewery on Columbus Road. That convo was enough to move us from 'thinking about it" to "just gotta do it" and you're invited to Share the River's first photography show today from 5:30-10 p.m. Click here for the Facebook event link:

The show will run for about three weeks and we'll be updating it with new pieces every week or so. Join us tonight (1844 Columbus Road, Cleveland OH 44113) for a view and a brew!