Infrastructure Week on the Cuyahoga River (Ride-along with St. Ed's Crew)

During this morning's ride-along with St. Edward High School Crew we couldn't help but reflect on a relatively wonky and unsexy subject - infrastructure. You may know this is Infrastructure Week, a 7 day advocacy effort designed to elevate infrastructure as a critical issue impacting all Americans. We take infrastructure like roads, bridges, power and data lines, rails, sewer and water pipes for granted until something goes wrong - THEN we begin to understand the importance of a maintaining and prolonging the life of existing infrastructure.

Riding along the Cuyahoga River gives one a better sense of the infrastructure grid that serves as a catalyst for the local and regional economy. See that steel bulkhead, see that dock, see that bridge, see those pipes & wires? Yeah, that's infrastructure and it matters!

Take a two-minute ride along the Cuyahoga River and consider the network of bridges, bulkheads, pipes, and miscellaneous items that provide a foundation for northeast Ohio's economy and support local business' ability to operate safely, efficiently and profitably (and yes, in an ecologically responsible manner). Yep, #InfrastructureMatters!