The Cavs Return Home (and to form) for the NBA Finals

Admit it. After Sunday night's game 2, 33 point loss to Golden State you were worried about whether the Cavs could recover from two straight blowouts in the NBA Finals. There was a palpable sense that Cleveland's professional sports team drought (since 1964, 159 seasons have come and gone for the Browns, Indians and Cavs without a championship) would continue.

But we had a hunch (and to be fair, so did many others) that home court would factor heavily as it has in previous NBA playoff series this season. We even kinda called our shot on Monday.  

So with the nation's gaze turned to Cleveland, we thought we'd take a trip downtown to check out the festivities. And now we're one game away from tying this thing up right?

Sing it with us: "C'mon Cavs, Gotta Make It Happen!"