Things We're Thankful For


Thanksgiving provides a wonderful time for family and friends to gather and celebrate a modern "harvest" together. It's also a time that allows people the opportunity to consider the many things we have to be thankful for. In that spirit, we wanted to reflect on the many things (in no particular order) we're thankful for with regards to Cleveland's waterfront.

  • To the countless individuals and organizations who have reached out to us and helped us spread word of Cleveland's evolving status as a waterfront city. Cleveland's rising tide has many authors.
  • To Cleveland's rowing community including St. Ignatius High School, St. Edward High School and St. Joseph Academy Crew for their ride-along invites that provided us the opportunity to share unparalleled views of the city with our audience.
  • Nalu Standup Paddle and Surf and its posse for bringing board culture to Cleveland's river and lake. They are a distinct recreational lens that is a perspective changer for Cleveland's brand.
  • Cuyahoga River Restoration's multi-faceted efforts to restore and protect the environmental quality of the Cuyahoga River, nearshore Lake Erie, and select Lake Erie tributary watersheds. We get to have the fun talking about Cleveland's waterfront. They are doing the hard work.
  • To adventurers like Traci Lynn Martin and Jesse Heib who were willing to share their unique and very personal stories of paddling large bodies of water. 
  • To Brick and Barrel Brewing for providing a welcoming and cozy home for several of our events this year. Stay tuned for an expanded 2018 calendar!
  • The Plain Dealer's Steve Litt who covers Greater Cleveland's architecture, urban design and city planning beat like no-one else. His over-the-horizon vision that connects the dots between a wide array of Cleveland's assets is important, educational, and irreplaceable. Yes, quality journalism still matters.
  • To Cleveland Leadership Center for giving us the opportunity to participate in Accelerate 2017. It was a great experience and a catalyst for great things to come!
  • Cleveland Rowing Foundation and Western Reserve Rowing Association for providing an outlet for 1,300 Greater Cleveland youth and adults to experience the unique joys of rowing on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie.
  • The Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force, a wide ranging group of Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie stakeholders who work together to ensure the safe and efficient use of the Federal Navigation Channel.
  • To West Creek Conservancy's varied efforts to enrich the lives of Greater Clevelanders by conserving natural habitats, restoring the ecological value and sustainability of urban lands, and expanding neighborhood opportunities to experience nature.
  • To the City Club of Cleveland for providing thought provoking programming (sometimes related to Cleveland's waterfront!) and the Cleveland Foundation for its support of initiatives that have a positive impact on the lives of Greater Cleveland's citizens.
  • The Port of Cleveland: infrastructure isn't sexy but it's necessary for the efficient tranport of raw materials that drive a significant portion of northeast Ohio's economy.
  • To Canalway Partners for their ongoing efforts ranging from RiverSweep to connecting the Towpath Trail to downtown Cleveland.
  • To Sustainable Cleveland's efforts to to design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland: one effort is removing single-use plastic from the waste stream (and our waterways).
  • To Ohio City Inc. for championing efforts to convert Irishtown Bend's brush covered hillside into an urban park with unparalleled views of the city
  • To Bike Cleveland's work to improve policy, infrastructure, and host outreach programs to help make Cleveland's roads places that serve people and communities. A better connected Cleveland is a healthier Cleveland!
  • To North Coast Multi Sports' Mickey Rzymek for noticing how in the weeds we were as we ramped up for our first annual Burning River Ramble. He provided a professional veneer to our bootstrapped, pop-up event that was enthusiastically embraced by the public.
  • To Run Wild CLE's Tim Kelly and their partner 2nd Sole-Lakewood for seeing the potential of the Burning River Ramble and helping to make it such a engaging and fun event for the participants.
  • To Cleveland Rotary and Lennie Stover's Quixotic passion and vision to bring the promise of the Red Line Greenway to reality.
  • To Cleveland Metroparks for their efforts to better connect Cleveland's greenspaces and trails. The public's investment in Metroparks' mission is yielding big dividends for Cleveland's quality of life.
  • To Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (and yes, the public who pays their bill): their Project Clean Lake will translate into 98% of wet weather flows in their combined sewer system being captured and treated when the program is complete in 2036. That's a big plus for the water quality of the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie.
  • To Lake Erie Foundation for their efforts to “create and maintain a healthy Lake Erie now and forever as defined by drinkable water, recreational contact and edible fish.” They have been singular in their focus on agricultural runoff into the Miami River watershed that feed algae blooms in Lake Erie's Western Basin.

2017 was a transitional year for Share the River as we finally "heard" what our audience wants. We're so thankful for everyone's encouragement and support, and we wish you and your family a great Thanksgiving!