Winter Solstice Photo Stroll Along the Cuyahoga River

Yesterday's Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, the shortest day and longest night of the year, gave us the opportunity to take a photo stroll along the length of the lower Cuyahoga River (aka the Federal Navigation Channel). Winter is a quiet time for the river as recreation takes a break, giving way to the steady drone of industry accented by sounds from flocks of geese and seagulls.

Here's your pep talk to take a winter stroll along the Cuyahoga River. There are a surprising amount of sights to enjoy! Who knows, you might even see a freighter Gullnado or a Snowy Owl! And yes, we fully recognize our taste in beauty lends itself towards Cleveland's unique blend of industrial grit and nature along its waterfront.

Winter Solstice Freighter Gullnado

Winter Solstice Sighting of a Snowy Owl