Memorial Day and Recreational Boater Safety on the Cuyahoga River

Given how Memorial Day is a traditional kick-off to the Great Lakes boating season, we thought we'd share some visuals that might help clarify a nuance along the lower Cuyahoga River.

The Coast Guard collaborated with local stakeholders in 1996 to create a safety zone along the Flats east bank to protect boaters when large freighters maneuver in the area. This zone extends 10 feet from the riverbank and begins just south of the Norfolk & Southern Railroad Bridge #1, extending 600 feet south before ending at Alley Cat Oyster Bar's outdoor patio.

Bottom line - if you're moored in this safety zone, you're taking your chances. And if you're in this zone when a freighter comes through, you're singlehandedly creating a dangerous maritime situation.

Here are some informational links:

You'll be seeing some additional educational information coming from the City of Cleveland in the near future. Now get out there and have a fun and safe time on the river!