Happy 60th Anniversary Goodtime III

Last night's cruise on the Goodtime III reminded us of the old line about a busman's holiday: A holiday in which you spend most of your time doing the same or something very similar to your normal work. Ostensibly we were guests of the Goodtime III's 60th Anniversary Cruise along Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River.

We had every intention of enjoying the evening with other Goodtime III friends over food, music, and cocktails to enjoy the experience that the Goodtime III delivers to over 70,000 passengers a year who learn TONS about Cleveland as they transit Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River! 

But it wasn't long before we saw evolving lake and riverfront narratives unfolding right in front of us. So out came the camera.....

Your Invites to the Share the River Ramble (Friday, June 22) and Blazing Paddles (Saturday, June 23)

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