Lake Erie Sunrise over Cleveland

Is there anything more beautiful than an early morning sunrise over a large body of water? We found out Wednesday morning as we rode along with St. Edward High School Crew & St. Ignatius High School crew for a friendly on Lake Erie.

Both teams have their first competition regatta of the season this weekend and St. Ignatius head coach Pat Connor said Wednesday's morning's race pieces allowed each team to see how they stack up. "If it was just our kids racing against each other, it would feel different. The intensity level definitely increases when the kids are racing against another program".

Glassy conditions on Lake Erie allowed nine 8+ shells to race side by side over varying distances in the Cleveland Harbor. At the conclusion of practice both teams had to race back up the Cuyahoga River to arrive at their docks before Interlake Steamship Company's Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder came through following its iron ore delivery to ArcelorMittal. While "The freighter made me late" is an original excuse for being late for the start of a school day, neither team wants to go down that well very often. 

The river is still dark at 5:45 a.m.

Rowing shells line up in front of Port of Cleveland docks where dolos await transport to the U.S. Army Corps Cleveland Harbor East breakwall repair project

Cleveland Metroparks has begun restoring the Coast Guard Station on Whiskey Island

Its a dash to the Cleveland rowing foundation docks as...

the rowing shells hurry to make way for...

the dorothy ann/pathfinder that's backing its way down the cuyahoga river after delivering a load of iron ore to arcelormittal steel

 maritime and recreation co-existing on the cuyahoga river - it wouldn't be as interesting without both!