What does CAN Triennial Have to Do With Art, Plastic, and Lake Erie?

CAN Triennial is a gathering of exemplary contemporary art from Northeast Ohio, featuring new discoveries, rising stars, and the region's most accomplished artists. An exhibit filling three floors of 78th Street Studios with painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, fiber art, music, film, and site-specific installations. A Gallery Pavilion bringing together 20 of the most selective dealers from Northeast Ohio and surrounding cities. A deep dive into the creative minds of Cleveland.

Several of the artists have pieces or installations directly or tangentially related to Lake Erie (special thanks to Christy Gray for the heads-up!). Listen to five of the artists talk about their work and then go SEE their art in person! In the meantime, check out Michael Gill and Hilary Gent's overview to get a better sense of the scale and scope of CAN Triennial. CAN Triennial runs from Jul7 7 - 29. Exhibit hours are Noon to 7 pm Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 6 pm Sunday and Monday. Details on special events are at https://www.cantriennial.org/

  • Cleveland artists Lori Kella and Michael Loderstedt talk about their piece "Signal".
  • Cleveland artist Christine Mauersberger talks about her algae bloom inspired piece "Poisonous Beauty".
  • Vermillion artist Sherry Bradshaw talks about her Installation "Castaways" (and her process!).
  • Oberlin artist Rebecca Cross talks about her Lake Erie inspired piece "Gyre".
  • Lakewood artist Ron Shelton talks about the inspiration and process behind his installation "our plastic world".