Veterans Memorial Bridge Perspective on Cleveland and the Cuyahoga River

Saturday's annual Veterans Memorial Bridge Tour, hosted by the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works, attracted thousands as they celebrated the 100 anniversary of the classic bridge structure. The self-guided tour, part of Downtown Cleveland Alliance's Sparx City Hop, allowed visitors to experience the original streetcar station and tracks along with exhibits and films depicting the bridge’s history. 

Bridge gazers were also entertained by historical interpreters from Take a Hike while further down the bridge's 3,100-foot length, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative shared design alternatives that would capitalize on the uniquely beautiful attributes of the bridge's streetcar-level space.

As activities happened on the bridge, attendees were treated to two other sights happening 100 feet below: 1) the Great Lakes freighter Sam Laud backing its way down the Cuyahoga River and 2) teams from Western Reserve Rowing Association competing in the Summer Rowing League Championship Regatta.

We hear the Veterans Memorial Bridge will have a larger event in conjunction with the City of Cleveland's planning for events recognizing the 50th anniversary of the June 22, 1969 Cuyahoga River fire. We have one request: Can they bring back the heptabike?!